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Silvers-Star is the safe, reliable and fast betting site for anyone who wants to earn money online.

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PLUS 20% - Shares monthly of your sponsor income.


1 Points = $1

$5-(1 Point) = $20 Daily

$10-(2 Points) = $40 Daily

$20-(4 Points) = $80 Daily

$50-(10 Points) = $200 Daily

$100-(20 Points) = $400 Daily

$500-(100 Points) = $800 Daily


2nd = 5%

3rd = 3%

4th = 2%

Community Funds

10% income of all members will be divided and distributed every 25th of the month


You can win DOUBLE or TRIPLE from your money

Be a Teller

Earn 5% for every Activation Code.

Req.: Activate 1-Star Diamond Account.

Why Us?.

Silvers-Star started last May 20, 2020, we operate in a proactive, timely and rapid manner, guaranteeing effective and efficient solutions for our customers (both internal and external) and business partners.

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About Us

"Always Aim High!"

“To create safe, regulated and responsible entertainment with a positive impact on society.”

This is the mission statement of Silver-Star, a company which is able to make a positive contribution to the society in which it operates by generating employment, contributing to the fiscal revenue stream from regulated gaming and setting up local initiatives.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

“To become a leader in terms of quality of service and entertainment by developing talent and professional skills.”

A clear vision, which is pursued with tenacity and determination, and which aims to offer the best gaming products and services with the best possible entertainment value. This vision aims to achieve quality and excellence of service while making the most of the team’s talent.

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